Our Story


My name is Justis Hall & I am the owner of Falls Perk Coffee House. I am a young entrepreneur at the age of 25. I welcomed my sweet daughter into this world in May of 2018 and I am absolutely adoring being a new mother to this baby girl!  My coffee shop journey began in August, 2013 when I began working at Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop. As a young adult, trying to pursue a freelance photography business, I supplemented my income with a barista job! I had recently bought my first house and was trying to figure out what my future would look like. I worked for Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop until I purchased it in November of 2015. I was a 22 year old with 2 years of barista experience, but here I was owning my own coffee shop! It was a farfetched dream that actually came true! I reopened the shop as a new owner only 1 week later! I decided to make it a slow transition (trying to not freak the whole town of Pendleton out by all of our big plans). I kept the shop name Gathering Grounds until that February, when we renamed ourselves Falls Perk Coffee House. My mom had picked out this name many years ago, not telling anyone but me, and not knowing one day we would open this "Central Perk" inspired coffee shop. I love the television sitcom FRIENDS so this was just a perfect fit for us! Shortly after our name change, we were approached about this cute little white house right around the corner from where we were located. The owners of the building were ready to turn this house into a new business & they thought we were perfect for it, and they were so right! Right across the street from Falls Park, in a HOUSE! The house was entirely gutted down to the studs when we first saw it, so we had to be creative with our thinking. We designed the layout of the house to fit us perfectly! After a lot of hard work, on September 1, 2016 we reopened Falls Perk Coffee House on Pendleton Avenue. Not even 1 year into business we re-opened TWICE! This move was the best decision we ever made! Moving off of the main street, may have seemed to be a "risk" to most people, but we knew this would be a destination. We knew people would turn that corner to come get their favorite coffee. We have a much more open layout with a simple & clean design, we also have a perfect porch off the side of our building so you can enjoy your coffee outside on those perfect Indiana days. I am very grateful for this experience I have been given. My mind is constantly moving, trying to come up with ideas to grow Falls Perk even more. I seriously wouldn't be where we are today without the support of my family, our community, and our baristas. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and read all my rambling. 

With love, 

Justis Hall